AMA Hospitality - Sariater Hotel & Resort

AMA Hospitality is a professional hotel management brand under the auspice of PT Sari Wisata Utama. As a service company which is engaged in various areas of hospitality management, AMA Hospitality focused on the provision of services of all the essential elements you need for a successful hotel business, including; project management, architecture and construction, operations management such as sales and marketing.

AMA Hospitality named from the initials of the founders of the company, namely Mr. H. Ama Soewarma, Mr. H. Mashudi and Mr. H. Atju Syamsudin in accordance with the motto of AMA "Amazing Management Acceleration". The three major figures have been successfully pioneered and developed the Ciater hot spring tourist attraction known as the Hotel & Resort for more than 40 years through PT Sari Ater and provided an optimum contribution to the stakeholders. One of our key success factors in lifting the tourism image of Indonesia to the international level is to apply concepts and strategies "Tourism Ambassador" on the initiative of Mr. H. Ama Soewarma.